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Be a Local Business Hero with High Achievers®

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With over 27 Million small businesses in the US and Canada. There has never been a greater demand for companies that provide mastermind groups, peer advisory boards, and business guidance.

We are looking for leaders with a passion for local business and want to work for the success of business owners in their community. The High Achievers franchise opportunity is the perfect business to tap into the $10 billion coaching industry by connecting local business owners. Make an impact on your local community by helping your clients understand what success means to them and how to take action to reach their goals.

Our franchisees receive access to our innovative programs for the Catalyst Mastermind Group™ and Nexpert Coaching™ programs.

With High Achievers' focus on business technology, franchisees will run their local mastermind program and refer business coaching to our large-scale faculty of coaches. This system helps franchisees maximize their earning potential while maintaining the lifestyle they desire.

Mastermind Groups

The primary focus and main membership level for our clients is our mastermind program. These Catalyst Mastermind Groups™ provide local business owners with a monthly meeting to work directly with other business owners where they all benefit from the shared wisdom of the group. We have a specific format to these masterminds are founded on accountability, goals, actions, behaviors, gratitude and how to help them build the business of their dreams.

We back up this level of membership with an online portal that can be used on any device to help them track actions and support each member of the group to have accountability to each other.

Our members can access all of these training sessions at any time to help them on their journey. The Essential Business Training represents the MBA they never got, and step by step teach them the skill set they need to be a local business leader.

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Nexpert Coaching Program

Nexpert Coaching Program™ is our second level of membership that we provide Local business owners. When our member selects this option they also get access to the Catalyst Mastermind Group, Essential Business Trainings, and the Membership Platform. The Nexpert Coaching Program represents a community of expert coaches.


This network of coaches represents 20 plus expert coaches that have a specialization in one or more areas or industries. There are no generalized coaches in our coaching community. With our absolute focus on helping our members become wildly successful this level of membership provides two hours of coaching per month. Our members will move from one expert to another as they face new challenges or want to capture a new opportunity. 


Once again these members and coaches will work together on a very flexible schedule that is mutually agreed upon with the coach and the business owner. They will track all progress and action steps through the online membership platform.


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