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Helping, one local business to another.

Without a business coach, being a small business owner can be a lonely journey. Too often, when entrepreneurs have to make important decisions that will not only have a significant impact on their business but also on their lives, they find that the only person they can look to for help and guidance is the person looking at them in the mirror.


We know that even at their best they may not always have the right answers all the time, and sometimes it is good to have trusted business advisors with whom they can talk and work.

We constructed our Catalyst Mastermind Group™ program for business owners and entrepreneurs who are not sure they have all the answers or necessary skills they need to take their businesses to the next level. This business coaching program is a monthly mastermind and business skill training all wrapped into a very productive process. Local business owners will have the space to work with other business owners, develop meaningful relationships, learn critical skills for running a business, and get the kind of feedback that is important when making those vital decisions regarding goals and the future.

These are the types of services and success that you will have as a High Achievers® franchisee. You will help create strong bonds between local business owners. These relationships keep these owners engaged and coming back for more group sessions. This leads to more enrollment in all of the membership levels and services that you offer. 

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